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Illustrations for animations of the European GNSS Agency


I made a series of illustrations commissioned by the agency Morris & Chapman, Belgium, focusing on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) in the European Union, known as Galileo System.
For me this is proving an exciting project for several reasons. The first is that it’s the first time that I work for a foreign client so continously. Despite the complexity of this project, higher than usual in other jobs I've developed for customers outside Spain, everything is turning out quite well. I feel that communication, although it used to only English, is flowing without any problems.

The second, and more important, is that through this project I could see my artwork, finally come to life with attractive animations for some informative videos.


GPS system (Global Positioning System) European Galileo Project.

This animation project in which I participated as an illustrator, shows through several videos, the benefits it can bring to our everyday lives geolocation system and satellite navigation known as "Galileo". Unlike the American GPS system, both it’s origin and it’s use will be mainly civil. The European system has suffered several delays and significant cost overruns, but it seems that the European Satellite Navigation Agency intends to have deployed into orbit the satellite network shortly.

The most popular feature of the Galileo system is that it ensures that offer location in real time, accurate to within one meter. Galileo, wants to offer this precision anywhere in the world, even in large cities, where large buildings impede reception of signals. Such precision is an appropriate requirement, and even essential, in many circumstances and sectors. This reliability, superior to existing systems, it is possible thanks to technological advances in recent years, greater inclination orbits of the satellites of this network, and also for its ability to campatibilizarse and interact with existing deployed systems; the US GPS and Russian Glonass.

The theme of the illustrations I've developed is proving very interesting and is fully in line with the illustrations, technological issue, I create to sell through agencies. I do not have a technical background to understand clearly how this works, but I'm curious to know how it is affecting our lives technological advances and want to be aware of new possibilities offered to us.

An animation project.

Basically what has especially motivated me of this project is that it’s an illustration work conceived from the beginning to come to life in the form of small animations. With that premise system established the work has been quite different from the usual and also the communication with my client. I have received feedback and information from the illustrator who created the initial sketches , prior to my intervention, and from the animation team. It has truly been a team effort, perfectly coordinated by Benedetta Muchi at Morris & Chapman. I'm really happy to see characters and environments, we have created, to life and movement. It is not a very complex animation, but from my point of view -  sorry for not being very objective ;) -  I really think that is very well resolved, considering the few drawings to create each of the animations. Each animation has a maximum of ten different illustrations. 

Had long yearning participate in a project that would allow me to go deeper into the world of animation, and this work has more than met my expectations. I look forward to developing my work in this line, because I really enjoyed it. It is also an area where I feel that my work can evolve naturally, and help others access to collaborate on interesting projects. Of course, if I had time, I would love to train best in this field in order to create animations on my own. Although I have studied some programs like Adobe Flash or A. Edge, and I made small personal works of animation, get to cheer with some ease is one of my to-do’s.

Auge illustration and video as marketing tools.

We are witnessing a real boom illustration as a resource for communication. The illustration has always been the main resource in educational books for small and young, but now is used, regardless of the age of the target audience, in which projects are to be transmitted more or less complex information. This boom appreciate both offline and online projects.

For online projects, today all companies seeking promoted through new channels that have emerged on the Internet, especially social networks. It is impressive the rise of video as a marketing tool. Many companies develop video content to reach their target audience. Some videos are created to be hosted on the website of then company’s site and sometimes on Youtube channels, trying to reach a wider audience or achieve a viral effect. This is the video that is pushing a lot of illustration today.

Also these new uses and formats are helping to enable a takeoff of illustration in this traditional fields, such as comics, commercial illustration, editorial, etc.

You can find the four animations uploaded so far in the YouTube channel of the European Agency. The project is not yet complete, and there may be soon uploaded two more animations.

You can watch the videos by clicking below:

Location Based Advertising 


Precise infrastructure localisation


Faster fix, Improved localization


Precise positioning, Time matters


Authenticated positioning


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